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Monday, 6 October 2014

Great finds over the summer, 2014 - Diggin' Scotland's Past!

Finds from my own permissions..

1892 Queen Victoria 'Jubilee Head' Half Sovereign (22 ct.)

My first ever GOLD coin!! As you can imagine, I was very pleased! It features in one of my Youtube videos. Great find and a big tick off the list! Fantastic condition too, aside from a scratch over the Queen's face, for my first gold coin, I couldn't have asked for more!

Promising finds on the latest farm with;

Several worn bronze Pennies/Half Pennies
Victorian onward Snake Buckle
2oz Trade Weight
King Edward VII Coronation piece
Francis of Assisi religious pendant
Worn Silver Sixpence
Lead Statuette base
Buckle, Lead Button, Lead Bag Seal.

Markings on the bag seal are unclear..

A mystery Bronze coin and a decorated pewter watch winder.

Fairly ornate design on the little watch winder.

A Schweppes Decanter or Bottle top.

Bakelite plastic, pump handle dispenser from ca. 1920. Something a bit different
from the usual old bottle tops I think you'll agree!

My detectingscotland.com digs finds..

Three different silver finds from one dig.

Spoon handle, broken
1887 Queen Victoria Sixpence
French silver brooch, hit by the plough unfortunately.

Large dish silvered button
Copper Turner (with Thistle) of Charles II
Lead with a copper ring enclosed
Doll's Head, poss. 1920's
Lead Bullets
Copper finger ring
Whistle part
Mystery copper alloy piece (bottom right)

Various bronze coins

Irish Half Penny
Chipped and worn Farthings
Victorian Penny

Some lovely Scottish scenery for you!

Impacted musket ball
General service button
Worn Victorian Half Penny

Early copper-alloy clothing fastener, as ID'd by NMS..

"This object appear to be a relatively early clothing fastener as the decoration has been stamped from sheet metal rather than cast" - NMS

What interests me about it is not only the design, but also the stitching thread and tartan still intact. I didn't get a final date for it, but it could well be Jacobean in age. A nice one for the display!

Some buttons from the same dig, with the ball button being an early one.

An idea of the typical trash finds I make!

S Mordan & Co. silver mechanical pencil part.

Coin finds from a weekender digathon!

Two Charles II Turners (Thistle,) with the one on the right being a fine example!
1799 George III Penny
Victorian Farthing
Eliz II Threepence
Large decorated dandy button poss. re-used as a washer

Lead spindle whorl
Loveheart horse harness decoration
Buckle fragment of unknown age
Copper alloy baby brooch
Musket ball
Battered Charles II Turner
Unknown teardrop-ish shaped piece
Georgian cutlery handle
Copper ring

ca. 1920's wrist watch
Strange 'bone' shaped copper alloy object
'ab' etched lead piece
'XX' etched lead piece
'CR' stamped lead piece, size of a standard bag seal. Possible connection to the CIIR cypher of Charles II, as found on the Turner coins that have came from the same land
Thistle button
Copper alloy leaf

Nice day for a dig!

Couple of the guys stopping for a chat in the fields

Dished button with a Gryphon stamped design

The usual worn coppers/bronzes always make an apperance!

A spectacular sunset on a camping/detecting weekender.

1871 Queen Victoria Shilling

Worn bronze coins
Lead bullet and GPO seal
Lead horse
Copper alloy child's toy cannon.

(bottom) Part from the frame of a silver purse..

At least that's the best ID I can come up with. Any other ID's welcomed!

(top) Part of a silvered pocket watch casing.

From an era when mindless racial stereotypes were the norm..

Sometimes, you find something that belongs firmly in the past.

King Edward I Longcross Silver Penny, ca. 1300-02

Great to see a hammered coin come up! I can tell there's a lot of detail left under the dirt at this stage, and am looking forward to the reveal!

King Edward I Longcross Silver Penny, ca. 1300-02

King Edward I Longcross Silver Penny, ca. 1300-02

Other finds from the above dig;

Loveheart horse harness decoration
Lead bag seal
Charles II Bawbee (Thistle) ca 17th C.
Copper alloy Butterfly
Button with unclear markings
Buckle part

Medieval bronze cauldron/pot leg.

Another day, another dig!

Puzzle brooch, possibly the initials MJ/MS
Canadian military INF shoulder decoration
Lead toy soldier
Copper alloy 'ONE' token, unidentified
Copper alloy bird brooch with gilt traces
King's Hussars Elephant Cap Badge part
285 City Chambers key tag
Pewter Button with floral design, ca 18th C.
Bag seal 'S&Co ltd'
Small pin with three towers, unidentified military pin likely.

Worn bronzes
Buckle frame pats & complete buckles
Buttons aplenty
Lead pieces inc. small 4mm pistol ball, oblong musket ball
Two Charles II Turners (Thistle)

Possible militaria,

Unidentified, but likely linked to WWII defences in the area found.

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