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Monday, 6 October 2014

Minelab Owner's 2014 Rally, Bucks, England.

Lovely Nuremberg Jetton. My first of these found.

Although bent, it has some fantastic detail. ca. 14 to 16th C. It also appears to have been pierced to wear as a commemorative piece. These can sometimes be pierced to use as counters, but the positioning of the hole makes me think otherwise.

Roman Silver Siliqua of Emperor Julian II ca. 360AD

You can imagine my joy when I uncovered this! What a beauty of a find that came along just when I was thinking that it wasn't quite doing to be my day..

'VOTIS V MVLTIS X' Incredible to find with such clear detail on both sides.

Best ID so far is a Tudor period clothing fastener.

Two Roman bronze coins, unidentified
Medieval period harness pin/decoration

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